Best escape room France at One Hour !

In 2019, the Top Escape Room Project (or TERPECA) elected the best escape rooms of the world, according to a group of enthousiats from all over the world that have played more of 200 rooms. We are very glad to announce that the Slaughterhouse by One Hour Escape Game was elected 44th best escape room of the world, first best escape room in Paris and best escape room France ! 

best escape room France
The Slaughterhouse, elected best escape room France by the TERPERCA

Our three Escape Room Theme

We are currently proposing three escape room theme, all playable in english :

  • The Slaughterhouse, elected best escape room France according to the TERPECA. You’ll have to run away from an horrific slaughterhouse while being chased by the sadistic Voltaire Butcher.
  • Lost Asylum. You had the great idea to explore an abandonned psychiatric hospital but you better find a way to get out of it before something really bad happens to you…
  • Very Bad Night. You wake up in an unknow flat. You clearly drank too much during the night, and you don’t remember anything. You better get out before the owner comes back…

We are also planning to open the room Yakuza Mission very soon !

How to book the best escape room France ?

You can book the best escape room France and our other rooms directly on our website.

Our three rooms are available in english (game master, briefing, debriefing, hints and riddles) and you can play from two to five players.

Whether you are a begginer or a confirmed player, your game master adjust the level of game so everybody enjoy a great time and a customized challenge.

The game is privatized for your group of friends, so don’t worry, you will not be playing with strangers if you are only two players.

Feel free to contact us by phone or by email at if you have any question or resquet.