Two players escape room Paris in One Hour !

One Hour is an Escape Game based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. From 2 to 5 people teams, you’ll be immersed into strange universes and have to solve enigmas in less than one hour. Our three rooms are perfectly adapted for a two players escape room paris !

Dealing with our rooms for two people is obviously a huge challenge, that will put your logic sense and your coolness to a huge blow ! But even if you are familiar to Escape Games or if you want to try this adventure for two people, our GameMasters will know to adapt it to your level to make this two player escape room an unforgettable moment !

In couple, between friends or family, our escape rooms will make you spend a fabulous moment in some immersive and unique universes !

two players escape room paris
Our rooms are available for two players !

Three immersives themes

We  are curently proposing three rooms with some well unique ambiances :

  • Lost Asylum, our horror escape game, where the story takes place in an old asylum.
  • Very Bad Night, our funny Escape Game, where you will be put into a serious hangover after a hard night party,
  • The Slaughterhouse, our last scary creation which will immerse you into the frightening of the Old Voltaire’s disused Slaughterhouse

Our  two players escape room paris rooms won’t let you indifferent ! Even if our rooms can host 5 players simultaneously, this adventure is obviously possible for two people ! These two players escape room paris are an unique way to get closer together while having fun and stimulate your brains !

Book your two players escape room Paris

Accept this challenge in booking your two players escape room right now on our website ! You also can book it for a bigger group of players if you want it, our rooms are actually running for five two to five players !

You can contact us at for any need of informations !



Horror escape room Paris in One Hour !

Are you ready for some terrific experiences in the heart of Paris in Lost Asylum, our horror escape room paris ! From 2 to 5 players, you will have to struggle against a disturbing psychiatric asylum or an old abandoned slaughterhouse while testing your team spirit and your logic. But it’s not sure that you’ll be out unscathed…Our rooms are playable in english.

horror escape room paris
The Slaughterhouse, horror escape room Paris

The concept

The Escape Game is a team working game mixing logic, reflection and cooperation ! In teams from 2 to 5 five players, you will be locked during one hour in a mysterious asylum and have to solve the numerous enigmas that it contains. But mostly, you will have to stay a close-knit team and keep it cool if you don’t want to sink into madness…

In Lost Asylum and the Slaughterhouse, our horror escape room paris, we choose to put the accent on the fear to give you the best immersive experience.

The story of our horror escape room Paris

1952. A psychiatric asylum is condemned after the dreadful massacre of four doctors. Since, some rumours are running by about this psychiatric hospital and the mysterious patient who did these crimes, which we never found. Nowadays, you and your friends decided to explore this asylum to find out the mysteries of this cursed place. But it seems that the asylum didn’t have revealed all his morbid secrets…

Discover the Slaughterhouse, our new horror escape room Paris

After Lost Asylum, we are really excited to terrify you again in the Slaughterhouse, our new horror escape room paris ! Stalked by the Butcher, you will have to do anything you can to not fall between his hands.

The Slaughterhouse opened its doors in our new dedicated space near Voltaire, at 23 rue Servan to give you an experience that you will remind for a while !

Book your horror escape room Paris now

You can now book your horror escape room in our website. Our Escape Rooms are for 14+ years old or above. Except this limit of age, our rooms are open to everyone without prerequisite !

This game is set for a team from 2 to 5 people. For bigger teams, you can book several sessions once. For those who can feel more comfortable with a funnier room, we also can propose to you Very Bad Night, our partying Escape Room !

English escape room Paris – One Hour escape game

You’re looking for an  English escape room paris ? In One Hour, we offer three escape rooms, all accessibles to English speakers. You just have to ask for the room in english as you book your game on our website.

In a team of 2 to 5 players, you will be locked in a room for one hour, and you will have to solve enigmas, to observe, to communiquate and to search for clues to escape and achieve a mission before it’s too late. A dedicated Game Master will follow your progress in the room to help you in case you need it.

One Hour Escape Game is the second best entertainement and the first best escape room in Paris according to TripAdvisor.

Discover our English escape room paris now !

Our rooms are available in english

Our three English escape room paris

In One Hour, we offer three different English escape room  paris :

  • In the Slaughterhouse, you will have to survive in the Voltaire slaughterhouse while being chased by the terrifying butcher who lives here. This room was elected as the best escape room Paris by the Top Escape Room Project !
  • In Very Bad Night, you will wake up in a flat with no idea what you’re doing here. You clearly drank to much, and you will have to flee before the owner comes in.
  • In Lost Asylum, you will explore the Charonne psychiatrist hospital, which closed after a terrible slaughter. Beware of everybody, you never know what could happen in this place…

Whether it’s fear or laugh, our English escape room paris will provide you great sensations !

Book your English escape room paris now !

You can book a game in English in our website :

You just have to chose English in the language options as you book your time slot.

The team must consist of a minimum of two players and a maximum of five players. If you’re more than five players, you will have to split between several rooms. When you book a slot, the room is privatized for your team.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more informations.